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Read more about glaciers, cryosphere and climate

by Sylvi Liljegren sist endret 20.04.2007 - 07:43

The term "cryosphere" traces its origins to the Greek word "kryos" for frost or icy cold. The cryosphere can loosely be defined as all frozen water or soil on the surface of the Earth.

Isbre SvalbardThe cryosphere collectively describes elements of the earth system containing water in its frozen state and includes sea ice, lake and river ice, terrestrial snow cover, solid precipitation, glaciers, ice caps, ice sheets, permafrost, and seasonally frozen ground.   

Elements of the cryosphere also contain important records of past climate providing essential records for interpreting observations of modern climate change. The cryosphere exists on all latitudes of the earth and in 95 countries of the world.

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